Monday, 20 August 2012

check yo'self

Helloooo Internest!
     Long time no update, and to that I do appologize; however, nothing really has happened for me except another photo shoot and the usual mundane crud.  I've been working at the same entry level, minimum wage job on and off for 5 years and a brief holiday was well appreciated.  Coming back to normal life is kind of a worrying because I really do need to find something I enjoy enough to make working and being a full time student worth while when only punching 2 shifts per week.
Also I'm lazy.
     Turns out government liquor stores don't want to hire faded peach and bleach blonde mop tops representing their fine wares to the Canadian public.  After waiting a long time and letting the pink fade into even crazier hair, I was unexpectedly offered another modelling gig and wound up with Ariel on crack red hair in an even stranger asymmetrical cut than I'm used to.  It all worked out because I have a red wine and chocolate in a dark, romantic room auburn hair now in a cutie patootie pixie cut now.  After a lot of really positive feedback and encouragement, I've decided to pursue real modelling.  If I can get paid to do one thing, I can end my career, but it would be an amazing way to make mad bank while stuck as a student.  Who knows what may happen?
     Another reason I've hardly been on my computer is because I have been absorbed into the world of Game of Thrones. Eventually I want to make a picture of the newest hit band, Eddard Stark and the Magnetic Zeros, with hits such as "40 Day Dreamwine", "Winterfell (Home)", and "The Battle of Black Water".  Don't worry guys, it's gonna be great, I promise.  Anyway, I'm on to the 4th book now, I read the 3rd book in about 6 days, so it ate over half of my holiday to my magical island.
     That being said, tanning and reading on the beach is one of my favourite things, and swimming whenever I want is pretty splendid too.  I even got to see my spirit guide, the river otter, almost on a daily basis.
     There were babies too, 3 adorabulous, squabbling babies!  One morning, I went to poke around on the sand bar at low tide.  The otter gambled out from behind some logs near the mouth of the trail down to the beach and we startled each other.  It made a break for the water, but it was so shallow that it ran aground on its tummy and flapped about for a bit, realized the futility of the energy expenditure, stood up, and walked into a deeper area to swim away.  The look of almost embarrassment then mild distaste on its face were ridiculously anthropomorphic but so identifiable. We are one in the same.
     One piece of really good news is that my best girl got her driver's license!  Now both my best friends and my boyyyyfrrrieeeenddd can drive me around so I can have my learner's permit FOREVER.
     Thankfully going back to school means more initiative to kill time, so we all know what that means...consistent posting!