Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New Year Same Old Ish

Mmmmmm haaay!

Welcome to the future!  (kind of)  I think 2015 is when the future will really arrive.

    It is amazing how much more human I feel after 5 weeks back in school, regardless of midterms and general assignment stress.  Working out and taking fitness classes has me feeling much sleeker.  I am back in my element.
     Sleeping regular hours and only working 2 days a week certainly helps as well.  I honestly feel like I've come out of a cloud almost like depression, except chronic-fatigue-induced.  Words cannot describe how much I have missed school.  It was one of the worst decisions of my life to take a semester off in retrospect.  Not that is has set my degree progress off by much, it was just such a waste of time pouring so much energy into a minimum wage job when I should have been doing something that earned tips and wasn't at 5 in the frucking morning.

Oh well.

Such an unpleasant life lesson.

     Anyway, it was recently my friend's birthday so I made her a clever and sentimental Facebook post because I am a nice friend.  In my quest for a classic Troll doll, complete with belly jewel and birthday gift donkey rope, I came across some truly disturbing images related to the Google image search "birthday troll". 
This is not the first time Safe Search has failed me...

I also have noticed that my junk emails increase exponentially when I head back to school.  I received this treasure a few weeks ago.
I don't know what a Bolivian woman with a child wants to do with a 21 year old girl.  I'll have none of what she's selling though.

     Next week I have some time off, I've been designing a Mandala for myself because I just finished learning about Jungian Analytic Psychology (total BS, but a fun-fact-filled piece of psyc history) so I plan on doing some legit drawings.  Sadly my life hasn't been very exciting lately, but I'll try and whip something entertaining together.

Happy new year internest peeps, don't forget, a horse is basically a unicorn!  It should be the final stage of transformation into my ultimate form, I hope.  Cryptic, I know, but I've had to do a lot of self reflection over the last 6 months and I am not backing down from chasing many of my Kray-Kray dreams and fanciful creative projects.

Thanks for your patience!