Saturday, 28 December 2013

Concensus 2013

3/3 hobos agree my new Lucite heels are fine as hell.  They are also good for hiking through gravel paths and taking 40 min walks home.  However, after quipping that my ankles will be bruised tomorrow from how many times I had rolled them, a grungy man peeing on a store front yelled "You'll be sore in 2 minutes when I'm done with you" and that was when I realized there is such a thing as too Millennium-chic.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


     It felt like it would never ever come, but I'm off work for the day and it really is beginning to look(feel) a lot like Christmas!  I've been handling holiday merch for the last 5 months and I finished my shopping December 1st so this has been a hard holiday season for me.  Well, now it is finally over, except for the good stuff!

     Happiest of holidays to you and all you hold dear!

Much love,

Thing of Stuff

jus a lil treat too

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rantasaurus Rex

What the eff are all these filters on photos on Facebook?  I have a cheapo-Nokia phone, so I don't understand this Instagram shit, but hell yeah skin looks flawless when it is all pixelated and grainy or blurred out like a Vaseline'd lens in a 70's porn shoot.

It is intriguing to me when the only activity a person has online is posting photos of themselves.  There are many possible rebuttals to this, and who really cares?  It isn't my place to judge but I cannot lie and am totally willing to own up to the fact that I am totes jealous of girls that get minimus 30 likes on a picture of just the neck up with no hint of clarity or that it was actually taken with a camera.

Perhaps I enjoy socializing in a stress-free environment, but at least the photos I post are from runways and shoots, parties and trips (aka: my real life, not just constructed Mac Book photo ops). With the new year fast approaching, I vow to live in the now and eff this artificial popularity contest.
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