Saturday, 29 November 2014


My anxiety about finals is manifesting itself through stressful dreams as usual. 

     Last night I dreamt  I was a waitress and flung a fancy, Christmas tree-shaped cheese platter on the floor and started to cry.  As tears streamed down my face and I frantically apologized to the patrons, the tables and all accessory items in the restaurant started to melt and I was overwhelmed with how much I would have to pay in damages out of my salary. 

This does not bode well.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

My name is Thing of Stuff and I have a Problem

Hi, I'm a 5th year university student with an addiction to online shopping.  I think I just spent about $80 on a crystal shrine for my work desk in my bedroom.  By think I mean know.  Because it just happened, over the course of yet another hermit, shut-in day studying and working on assignments.  Let's admire the unnecessary shit I just bought.
 A magical obsidian pyramid, because why not?
 I named him  Herman ^, I hope he likes glazed doughnut scented candles.
 Platonic Solids, whatever that means...I just really wanted a Merkabah star at first...whatever that means.  Crystal goes with whatever I choose to decorate my future home with.
You can't sit with us...CAUSE MY DESK ONLY SEATS ONE!  I'm not even into metaphysics, I just really, REALLY like geology and crystals and geology samples.  I used to want to be a psychologist/counsellor at a mining camp so all the men wouldn't do cocaine anymore.  Their loss.

Last week of school, then one solid hell week of exams, then one more semester...then one last class in the it.