Monday, 25 November 2013

Still Alive

...sort of.

Take a semester off she said.
It will be fine, she said.

Oh lord, what a fool I've been.

The last few months have been filled with fashion weeks (yay!), runway shows (yay!), photo shoots (yay!), go sees (yay!) and days upon days upon days working 5am-1pm or 6am-2pm Monday to Friday in the craft store.  Jesus H Chripes, I need intellectual stimulation!  I'm on to my 8th book, lots of dystopian and modern fiction, but it isn't nearly the same as being in school.

I apologize for the blurriness of the pictures, I had to use my crumby camera in my phone or else I know that it'd be another half year before I post again.  I am dying.  My soul is atrophying from being locked in the cage of menial retail tasks.  I have no energy to work out when I get out in the middle of the day.  I have no Upass because I am not registered for classes this semester, so having to bus home in the mid morning after working 8 hours does not help my energon supply either, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  In 5 weeks I shall return to academia!  Hopefully triumphant and refreshed, the spring should be filled with adventure and excitement.
     As of late, I've even lost the sparkle in my eyes.

     My lifeless fish eyes are fairly repellent.  I haven't been hit on at work or on the bus home since I started these god forsaken morning shifts. 
     In the beginning of summer, I wore a bit of make up and attempted to look decent, but it is not worth it.  I feel horrible all the time.  The master plan was to have all this time to work out and stay fit and always be prepared when modelling jobs come up, but I always seem to have to stop eating all carbs suddenly the week before an event or go see.  I work out highly infrequently, usually too exhausted from lifting huge-ass boxes and unloading trucks and moving decorative rocks and shit around at ungodly hours on a weird and sporatic sleep schedule.  I can't go to kick boxing because it is only offered in the mornings on week days and I need to sleep in on weekends to survive.  My crazy partying days are on hiatus because the crippling exhaustion is too much for my frail body to handle without instantly getting some kind of horrid sinus infection or other unpleasant ailment.
     My dream is to go to school, model (and actually make some serious cash), work a few shifts at a low key family restaurant and have more opportunities to feel well rested and look put together.
   The pieces are already there in my wardrobe, I simply lack the motivation or creativity to make a beige polo, cardigan, and black pants look particularly stylish yet still be able to do hard physical labour.  I'm good at my job right now and I work damn hard though; however, nothing can make me want to stay there other than being able to take time off when I want and need it.  Honestly, it was probably a waste of my earning opportunities by not picking up a restaurant job where I could use my looks to weasel my way into phat tips for much much much less effort.

     Hopefully I can post more often as the holiday season in retail winds down and the legit Christmas holiday season of celebrating and days off kicks up.  I really missed this.  To those of you still reading this, or stumbling upon it for the first time, thanks for reading.

Also, it has come to my attention that some people searching "minion porn" have been brought to my blog.  If this is referring to Despicable Me minions, y'allz crazy motherfuckers and I admire that.  Keep flying your freak flags in the semi-privacy of the internest.

Love and stuff,

Thing of Stuff