Sunday, 29 January 2012

Get Away

     A few weekends ago, my family went to our cabin to clear some trees off our neighbour's property after a large storm.  It was a working holiday and I had to read hundreds of pages for my Abnormal Psychology midterm so all my spare time was spent reading the driest, most not picture-full hulk of textbook imaginable.  I'm still trying to kick mono and went to my friend's show the night (although that was met with strange circumstances, maybe to be chronicled another time) before, so I was hella tired when I got home with 4 hours to spare before we left for our ferry.
    Unlike in the summer, this trip had nothing to do with fashion.  I wore an exceedingly attractive coat that was a maternity gift when my mother was preggers with my older brother.  He was rather impressed to see me in the splendid garb.
      There comes a time in our lives when we learn that fashion isn't everything.  Personally, I thought it was a real milestone for me.
     I slept most of the day and studied the rest, I would be no help operating a chainsaw that tired so I retired to the sleeping cabin and went through Gundam 00 withdrawal.  You see, When I watch a series, I watch it hard.
     On a side note, when I was busing home from school one night, two Asian guys were sitting kitty corner to me and talking loudly and doing that shrieky laugh excited cackling Asian guys do, you know the one.  They kept looking at me, and although most of their conversation was in un-English, they thew some Engrish in.  I had on headphones, but I had turned my music off so it looked like I was listening to music, but was really eavesdropping on their conversation because they mentioned Gundam 00.  One of them pointed at me and said I look like Revive Revival.  I was still only on the beginning of season 1 so I had no idea who they were talking about, but I was damn excited to find out.
     So, if I had lilac hair, it's pretty good.  Just pull the other half of the back hair tail to the more voluminous side and there ya have it!  The only conundrum is that he is a man with a woman's voice.  Those crazy Japanese.
     Anyway, short story long, the weather became so foul on our trip that our power went out and all sailings back to the main land were cancelled for the entire day.  It was so windy that trees were bending at 45 degree angles and the sea was angrier than I had ever seen it.  It was rather majestic, but highly inconvenient.
    We got onto Vancouver Island; however, sailings back to our little island were cancelled too so we were stranded and had to get a hotel.  I had class the next morning, it was especially important that I attend because I transferred into Modern Issues in Contemporary Literature: Utopian Societies late and had already missed the first 4 lectures and 2 tutorials.  Needless to say, we left the hotel at 4:30AM and were on the first ferry to the mainland.  I was home by 9AM and was able to shower and eat a big lunch before heading off to school.
     By noon I was ready to collapse with exhaustion.  I don't often drink coffee, but I went through 3 that Monday.  It was a poor choice on my part to drink one at 4PM with a body that is so unaccustomed to caffeine.  Honestly, I only drink super diluted tea, the only other times I drink caffeinated beverages is the Red Bull portion of Jager bombs.
 Maybe coffee is another one of those coming of age things...