Sunday, 4 January 2015

Summertime Sadness

Welp, that was a pretty aweful Christmas break.  I'll be creating a post for next weekend called "What's Your Damage" serializing the disappointing winter holiday dumped upon me by cruel fate.  Anyway, one of the few redeeming factors has been spending time with my boyfriend because he came home from uni for Christmas with his own family.  Getting to just roll around and watch shows and relax was all I wanted.  We dreamed of escaping to somewhere hot, and were talking about our summer plans (or daydreams at least).  Reminiscing of summer with my favourite person reminded me of an unfinished post I wrote when we were at my family cabin over the summer.
     He had just started a new job after a string of major failure disappointing jobs with terrible or no hours, and I had been working my usual 5 or 6 AMs so we were VERY ready for a holiday away from EVERYTHING.  It was blisteringly hot and thankfully, my cabin is a 3 minute walk from the beach. 
     El Jimadors, blackberry beers, and inflatable row boat in tow, we lived on the beach those few sweet summer days.  After  a cooler or two, I started to feel antsy.  I was sweating abnormally much for the summer heat, because I knew I was reaching my bladder's breaking point.  He noticed my darting eyes and constant agitated leg shifting in the tiny inflatable boat.
     We were quite far out into the mouth of the bay and over a scary bed of eel grass, so there was NO ESCAPE.  We have been together for 4 years and don't really talk about bodily functions to keep the mystery alive, so I pushed away the desperate urge to scream and focused on the rhythmic lapping of the waves against the boat, the gleam of his tanned skin, and the coolness of the ocean through the bottom of the boat.
      It was torture.  I put on a brave face and coolly suggested we drift back into the bay to stretch out on the wooden raft and tan for a bit.  He agreed and I rowed like there was a Sharktopus after us. 
     The raft docked in the bay is nicely situated over a sand bar.  Even during the highest tides, you can see down to the sand below and revel in the emerald beauty that is the Pacific Ocean.  As soon as we were over the light sand I flung myself out the boat and finally relaxed.
     It was pure euphoria.  The hot sun always warms the first foot and a half of the ocean's surface so I floated in pure ecstasy after too much alcohol and too much hot sun.  In that moment, I was more one with nature and blissfully living the mermaid life than I ever had before.
     I resurfaced as a glossy floating head.
    You see, once a water baby has been rejoined with the sea, there is nothing that will pry them out of the salty playground.  He was hunkered down on the raft looking forlornly at the water.  It had been at least and hour and he had had the same amount to drink so I knew.
    I felt his pain.
From the water, I tried to encourage him to jump in, alas, it was to no avail.
     Normally ever the freshwater thrill seeker, I dragged my wet self onto the raft to see if I could coax him to jump in to the salty depths with me all cutesy High School Musical style.
     I tried to appear alluring, in spite of the trauma I had put my body through over the last hours.  I also needed to find a way to skirt the subject of encouraging him to unite his fluids with mine in the world's largest toilet...because that's pretty weird...even if it would make him feel a lot better.
    He was not particularly receptive to my proposition.  So I laid down for a serious tanning session.  Not minutes into my warm and calming relaxation did he turn to me and confess that his need to urinate finally outweighed his fear of the endless unknowns of the ocean.
     Just like out of every teenage girl's fantasy, I confessed that I had only jumped in earlier to pee as well, and we laughed and laughed.  We joined hands and flung ourselves into the water.  I quickly swam away from the flow of the tide to not get caught in the diffusion.  He actually swam around a bit and enjoyed looking down through the surface of the water into the clear lens to the world below.  One jump is never enough for a water baby.
     We splashed and screamed and cavorted before drying off in the sun then heading out in the rowboat again to repeat the same process again until dinner time.  It was lovely to share my favourite place in the universe with my favourite person in the universe.

It can be summer right now, ok?

Happy new year thing of stuffers!  Thanks for reading and let's hope I adhere to my resolution of unwinding through drawing and writing. >u<