Saturday, 7 January 2012


     It's really easy to blame other people for things.  Along with my 17 other New Year's resolutions, I'm going to try harder to point the stupidjerkface magnifying mirror at myself in a more beneficial manner to aid in maintaining strong healthy relationships.  Or at least be more humble when I screw something up.  Not that I do much, but you know, may as well strive to be the best human being person-thing I can be.

 Turns into this:
I didn't feel like inking these ones. 
    School went back this week, and I realized I was totally unprepared the day before.  We made a trip to the huge mall to collect the backpack I've been pining for.  There's $89 I'll never get back, but it's an investment for my future.  Plus it's real pretty and doesn't make me feel like a stupid kid when I wear it.
    On the SkyTrain heading home, a seemingly average homeless guy pushed the doors of the train open whilst they were closing.  My friends' eyes lit up after he took a seat on the floor at the back of the car.  I had to crane my neck like the stealthy panther that I am, but he didn't catch my unsubtlety, thankfully.  He was talking to himself, or so it seemed.
     He had a pigeon on a string.  It was squirrelling around in his hood and he was petting it.  A cluster of buddy-guys got on at the next stop and they were cooing at the black pigeon in a surprisingly loving manner.  The bum told them the saga of his faithful companion, Raven.  As a fledgling, her nest was under attack by crows and she was hurled to her death, but instead, she bounced against his filthy body and a monumental relationship was born.  "At first I was her mother, and now I'm her mate".
     He was covered in poop.  It was gross.

     Return of the King was on TV a few days ago, it reminds me how scary elephants are.
     I'm going to try to post more, I know I've been a bit shoddy on the updates.  I'm truly sorry.  It's been a hectic but enjoyable holiday for the most part.  I'm so ready to start a new year.  2012, let's make it a good one, because not much more could be more hideous than 2011.

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