Saturday, 24 December 2011


Merry Various Non-Denominational Holiday Season's greetings gentle readers!
     I've reclused into knitting while watching Studio Ghibli movies mode for the last few days when I haven't been at work.  School is all wrapped up now, all my packages have come in the mail, and all loose upsetting ends have been re-consolidated as blurred memories.  The only real cheer-stealer now is that LMFAO is on February 9th as opposed to last night.  Oh well, at least I have Fridays off next semester.
     To make life even sweeter, The Prince of Egypt is on Teletoon.  Scantily clad, singing animated Jewish men?  Happy holidays to us all!  They are God's chosen people for a reason.
     My mum works till 5 tonight so we can't go out and enjoy Norwegian Christmas Eve with my Dad's side of the family.  Next year, we're going without her.  I love doing Christmas the night before.  Scandinavian traditions are the first family gatherings I look forward to, but we haven't gone for the last few years because of one of us working too late.  The only good thing to come out of not going this year is that we are having steak for dinner tonight.  I can live with that.
     Anyway, I sincerely hope everyone has a restful and enjoyable holiday.  If that isn't enough, so many family events give us perfectly legitimate reasons to get buck wild with our friends to celebrate the end of the holidays!

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