Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rantasaurus Rex

What the eff are all these filters on photos on Facebook?  I have a cheapo-Nokia phone, so I don't understand this Instagram shit, but hell yeah skin looks flawless when it is all pixelated and grainy or blurred out like a Vaseline'd lens in a 70's porn shoot.

It is intriguing to me when the only activity a person has online is posting photos of themselves.  There are many possible rebuttals to this, and who really cares?  It isn't my place to judge but I cannot lie and am totally willing to own up to the fact that I am totes jealous of girls that get minimus 30 likes on a picture of just the neck up with no hint of clarity or that it was actually taken with a camera.

Perhaps I enjoy socializing in a stress-free environment, but at least the photos I post are from runways and shoots, parties and trips (aka: my real life, not just constructed Mac Book photo ops). With the new year fast approaching, I vow to live in the now and eff this artificial popularity contest.
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