Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fly Like Planes

     It was my best gurl's 20th birthday last weekend.  Time flies far too fast.  I can't believe we are so close to escaping teen pregnancy!  From what I do remember of that night, there was a lot of yelling, especially in the back of the bus as we waited to get home.  It was my duty as bff to ring in midnight and her surpassing the ability to ruin her life with teen motherhood.  Because we all know there's SUCH a huge difference between 19 and 20.  Fingers crossed I make it till the 4!
     Jokes aside, it was such a fun night.  Flask in tow, and some old skool hip hop on the sound system, when the DJ played some MJ, our brain connection was as strong as ever.
Ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right?
     The years may change us in some ways, but we will always be fundamentally the same and make each other laugh so hard my fake eyelashes melt off my face before we even hit the club.  That night was one of those things-sound-like-they-maybe-went-horribly-wrong-come-the-end-of-it-but-actually-make-you-smile-now-because-your-relationship-is-stronger-hopefully kind of nights.  Other than working all the time, I'm genuinely pleased with my life right now.
     Reading in bed is a simple request, reading on my breaks seems doable too, but do you think I ever get to?
     My glasses of 9 years broke 2 Saturdays ago.  It was very sad times.  My fashion forward 6th grade eyeware had seen me a lot of things and it hurt to feel the left arm completely snap off.  Then again, at a house party half a year ago, it did get bent vertically in the air and I woke up with soap in my hair and a car mirror in my bed so they really did outlast their expected longevity.  Who knows what they've seen that my natural eyes cannot remember.

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