Friday, 12 February 2016

Staint Valumtime's

In honour of the love holiday, here's some super ideas to propose to your sweetheart.

I wanted to save these somewhere if ever I was in a position where marriage was a financially viable option, or you know, I was suddenly a man and was in a situation where proposing to myself was a thing.

1.  Kinder Surprise

I have always thought that replacing the prize in a Kinder egg with an engagement ring would be the best way to propose.  Period.  End of story.

There are lots of tutorials on line on how to carefully unwrap a Kinder egg and squeeze it ever so slightly to break the side seam to get at that sweet, sweet yellow plastic capsule.  I once replaced the prizes in 3 Kinder eggs with Testors paints when my boyfriend was really into painting Gundam models.  Granted we were maybe in the first months of our relationship...or potentially one year it was still early days to insinuate my intentions of laying the groundwork for a perfect proposal, but consider this a mega passive aggressive hint dropped.

2.  Nuggets

Say you're taking them out for a romantic dinner.  Dress fancy.  Get ready together.  Enjoy the primping together.  Pump up the greatness of the restaurant, the quality of the food, the opulence of it all.

Get in the car.  Blindfold your partner even, for added suspense.  This is your moment.  Drive to the nearest McD's. 

You have 2 options.

If you blindfolded your partner, then walking them into McD's is optional.  You can go through the drive through and risk them ripping off the blindfold before you put the ring in the nugget box if they get too agro from hearing you order drive thru nugs before a fancy dinner.  Maybe if you're really crafty you could plan it with the staff so they put the ring in for you and it's super simple. 

Option 2 is that you grand romantic gesture.  Get the staff on board and ensure they know when you're coming and will deposit the ring at the appropriate time.  This would be best if you walk in for the order.  Roll up, walk in, order and grab your nugs.  While your potentially betrothed is getting horrified and pissy, you pop a one legged squat and pop the question, opening the nugget box like a ring box and there's the ring nestled inside!

You're welcome.

I want nuggets.

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