Monday, 27 March 2017

Tales from the Draft Vault: I Don't Drink Like I Used To

As many of you may remember, either through previous posts from years gone by, or from experiencing me in real life, I really enjoyed a tornado of party monster behaviour.

Hilarity ensues!

Now I don't know if these were composed around the same time, but this could have been the morning after for a 6am replenishment shift...

I physically cannot drink like I used to.  I got older and hangovers got worse.  I started getting migraines more frequently, especially after not sleeping well.  I also realized that unless I get absolutely plastered, one or two drinks often makes me very depressed if I'm not in a 100% cheery mindset.  Sugar in alcohol also destroys my guts.  After getting C.diff last year and being on antibiotics for 9 months, I realized that I don't need alcohol to socialize.  I do have social anxiety, and it was a challenge to overcome the stomach-turning nervousness, but it was better than cramps and feeling like I'm going to shit my pants after 2.5 drinks.  No more alcoholic go go juice.  It was a really fun time in my life, but I've learned how to be confident enough to be entertaining without alcohol.

Goodbye, old girl.

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