Thursday, 30 June 2011

Girl Talk

     Long time no post.  Life's been a bit hectic and crazy lately, but I'll try to document some funtastic goings on from the past and future more regularly.  Anyhow, Caitlin and I were reminiscing fondly of one of our favourite embarrassing moments and I thought all yeens might enjoy it too.
     So, as much as we are not the most typical of girls, Caitlin and I do have extended phone seshes or call each other up just to chat before we meet up, whatevs: no big deal.  Over the last few years, we learned the practical greatness and functionality of speakerphone.  I can guarantee you I'm almost always doing something else, like putting my face on, doing mah huuur, or flinging clothes on, whilst practising active listening. 
     This was one of those times. 
     So I started to sheath my nekedness as our phones connected.
    After a solid chat before we planned our rendezvous, my mum rapped on my door.  I was fully clothed by this time, so I let her enter my bedchamber.  The trouble with speakerphone is that it is easy to get out of the mic's range.   
     A few moments of silence on Caitlin's end of the phone was enough for her to release her best, most offensively unskilled, overprotective Jewish mother impression.  She tried with all her might to roll her r's at the back of her throat, whilst unbeknownst to her, my mum and I were losing our shit laughing.
     I had forgotten to mention she was on speakerphone.  I swear I could feel her blushing through the phone.  We laughed and laughed, we still do.

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