Friday, 3 June 2011

Lucky Lung

     I watched Waterworld yesterday.  It got me thinking about how much I love semi-plausible post-apocalyptic movies.  Waterworld is kind of like the aquatic version of Mad Max, and they are kind of along the lines of Blade Runner.  I like the fend-for-yourself, everyone's toting a gun, 200% bad ass in strange tattered clothing theme in these movies.  My all time favourite, of course, is Tank Girl.
     She is one tough lady.  I blame her for my loathing of feeling vulnerable.  Treating men like objects, living off home brewed draught, and playing around in a tank, submarine, jet, boat or whatever we can get our hands on on the Australian outback seems like a pretty sweet life.  I want to sling a gun and decimate seething masses of corrupt government soldiers for shipments of alki too, while still managing to crack jokes and operate complicated weaponry.  I think I would defs be a Boat Girl, I mean, my wardrobe is already pretty nautical.
     I think I would explode if I met Jamie Hewlett in person.

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