Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I Should Probs Get That Checked Out...

     Hello my lovelies!  We made a triumphant return from our relaxing holiday.  I've made the executive decision that what happens on holiday stays on holiday, but a post about the 10 hour trip there and back is under construction. Today's is pretty short, just needed to document something fun that happened last night in a restaurant.
     Last night, I went out to dinner with the fam.  It was a very pleasant outing.  My mum had ordered a succulent surf and turf kind of dish, and she no longer had room for her buttery, cut-it-with-a-fork tender yo, steak.  Even though I had already eaten the majority of the shared appetizer of potato skins and my entire pulled chicken smothered in Texas BBQ sauce Philly cheese sandwich with red pepper and onion up in der, I was not going to turn down free steak.  I cut off a large hunk and savoured that bad boy.
     A brief side note, when eating out, i can eat like a champ.  I believe that if the food is being paid for, especially if I'm paying for it myself, I have to eat the whole thing, and as much as possible.  I guess the same thing applies if it is someone else paying, especially if it's the parentals and you're damn right I'm gonna enjoy it.  I may be thin, but I can eat almost anyone under the table if I set my mind to it. 
     Anyway, last night was no exception.  I would have finished that steak if it wasn't for one little detail I forgot in my euphoric gluttony. 
     I forgot about my allergy to shellfish.  The shrimpy skewers were chilling atop the luscious steak that I had just been mowing extensively on. The best part is that it all came together so quickly, that I when I sent that lump of well chewed meat flying out of my mouth, no one knew what was going on.
     In my defence, I'm also super anal about talking with food in my mouth.  After my mouth was emptied, I let my family in on why I had that major spaz attack.  My now concerned parents advised me to flush my mouth out with water.  I regurgitated the filthy water into my empty water cup while my family laughed at their spectacle of a relative.
     Amazingly enough, I didn't notice if anyone else had noticed the scene I made.  After a lengthy conversation about getting tested for allergies and that I should probably have an EpiPen, I proceeded to eat the best tortilla cheesecake with caramel and chocolate drizzle ever, like a champ. 


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