Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Beginnings and Endings

     If you are reading this, thanks for taking an interest in my creative endeavours and caustic anecdotes.  Hopefully we are entering a journey through time and space, well, maybe not, maybe just into my mind, which may be equally vast, expansive, and scary.  Anyway, let's hope I don't give up on this after two posts.  For these early posts, I've only used pencils but I'll ink the later stuff, but I am too excited to spend much more time on these early drawings.  I don't know how to use Photoshop, and I am not patient enough to screw around in Paint.
     I suppose some introductions are in order, even though it is safe to say that the only person reading this is Caitlin.  This is me:
     For the most part, I look something like that.  I don't like wearing pants, I always wear rings, and I am known for being a germaphobe.  I love beaches, roadkill, cephalopods, and knitting.  Anyone that spends much time around me notices my frequent use of hand sanitizer, and my intrinsic, uncontrollable attraction to beards.
     I am a full on pogonophile.  For me, beards are like legs.  My man's gotta have them. I suppose I could be with someone without them if they were my perfect soul mate love match, but really?  I see no need to settle for less.  I really respect a good man-beard, they should be proud of their ability to produce the aesthetic epitome of manliness.
     I digress.  Aside from often being beard struck, I'm often caught with glazed over, lifeless fish eyes.  These lustrous beauties occur for any number of reasons, be it day dreaming, being dranked, or suffering through life in dry contact lenses.  In this first year of university, I've done a lot of all three.
     Partying is killer on the eyes, this is, of course, my fault but why would I go blaming myself for partaking in such a fun and innocent pass time? We'll discuss partying adventures in detail in the near future.
     Sometimes I look like this when Reilly and I have adventures, but more of that to come later too.  Sadly, I am not always this content with life.  As of right now, I look something like this:
      This is something close to a maximum grumpy face.  It has been a hard month.  Between exam stress, a sinus infection, job hunting, and wisdom teeth extraction, there's been a lot of recovery to do.  This doesn't seem too horrible, but it turns out I've been fighting off mono these last few weeks as well.  This explains why I felt so terribly tired while studying for exams and why there were grapefruit sized nodes in my neck after sitting on my deck in the sun.  So here we are, berets have been knitted, watercolours have been painted, multiple episodes of Xmen Evolution have been watched, and I am getting restless.  How can I possibly be so discontented with my favourite things?  With the closing of my first year of university and the beginning of the longest summer yet, and entering my 19th year, I have decided to finally take my dear friends' advice and start an illustrated blog.
    Thanks for reading and I hope we can do this again some time.

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  1. Kekeke, this is radical. Stoked you finally are doing this my best bud!