Thursday, 19 May 2011


     I want to make it abundantly clear that it is extremely intimidating trying to draw my favourite people.  I love you all dearly and I don't want to offend anyone.  Please remember I am so far from being a professional, I've never taken a legit art course; I'm just a girl with some funny stories that loves doodling and Sharpies.  These are cartoons; these are mechanical representations created by my hand trying its best to mirror my brain's interpretation of life.
     Speaking of not wanting to offend people I care about, meet my boyfriend,Tim. 
     He's a real gem.  His body may be killing him from the inside, but he looks damn fine on the outside.  I defs don't do him justice.  Every past attempt at drawing him ends in him looking terribly sad.  I may have gone a little overboard on his level of merriment though.  Fun fact: according to a poll in Reader's Digest, electrician is the 17th most trusted profession in Canada; whereas psychologists/councillors only placed 19th.  I wonder if this means something about our personalities...
     Semi-unrelated, we watch a lot of Maury.  Ninety-nine percent of the time it's "WHO'S THESE 8 BABIES DADDIES? SHOCKING RESULTS!", but occasionally we've caught some stranger ones.  The Maury Povich show is a real confidence boost, not only is every guest on this tawdry show a hideous troll, but it makes us seem like a pretty fantastic couple.  No relationship is perfect, but at least we don't scream at each other, and have all our teeth.
     It's funny, and by funny I mean excruciatingly frustrating, how quiet I get around Tim sometimes.
      It's not like the gears aren't turning up there, I police and over analyze what I'm saying so much that I lose the spontaneity and quick wit I usually employ to charm people. 
     Not to talk myself up or anything, but being funny, brash, and out there are way more fitting of my general demeanour.  Quiet is the last adjective my friends would use to describe me.  Even in a group of my most beloved compatriots, if Tim is present, I physically can't bring myself to talk freely and unabashedly. If I understood my own brain, I probably wouldn't be pursuing a career in psychology. 

     I can't believe I've let a man tame me.

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