Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Theme Parks

     I went on an upside down ride for the very first time on Friday.  It was AMAZING!  Not so much because of the churning of my alcohol infused stomach contents, but the fact that I did not ralph everywhere made my night.  As a child, I was plagued by ear infections and one such ailment had a rapid onset during our family flight to Ontario when I was a wee lass of 5.  My eardrum perforated and I've been a clumsy oaf ever since.  Seriously, elevators give me wicked vertigo.  Balance is not my forte.
     Anyway, our local fairgrounds puts on a mega spooky fun time event with haunted houses and people dressed up with fake chainsaws and such.  After years of vowing to go, my crew finally ponied up the $30 with no regrets.  I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about this festive endeavour though.
     Thankfully, no pants were peed in the enjoyment of this night.  I really don't like clowns.  Despite their decent makeup and my level of intoxication, the creepy clowns did not get to me as much as I thought they would.  I did discovered the secret to defeating the vile cretins.
     There is a strict rule that the carnival workers cannot touch the fair-goers, and we cannot touch them, or the props.  I most certainly did not abide by those...guidelines.  After a lot of Dukes of Hazard-style rolling across wooden beds and sitting on gory human props, it was time for a more scenic ride.
     I'm not sure where exactly I was planning on going with this, but we were on the Ferris wheel.  It was late when I drew this one, hokay?  While we were waiting in line for this beautiful ride, we made a new friend.
     Oh hey plastic bat missing one fang, you didn't end up in a back pack.  That would be crazy.  Dang teenagers.
     That whole night, I was rockin' out to some mental Wallpaper and butchering the lyrics due to my genuine, jacked-up, fantastic disposition.
     One of my dreams and expectations for the theme park was that there would be churros.  Oh child, there were.  Words cannot describe the happiness in my chipmunk face as I nibbled the sugar coated pastry snack like some kind of beaming vermin.  Churros are such a seasonal treat to me; they are a total Halloween food.  Only at the Ghost Train have I indulged in the sweet Latin-American snack.  Pure delight.
     Sadly, once again home time rolled around.  We bounced off to the bus stop, our hearts full of glee and our tummies starting to settle after all that activity and excitement.  Huddling together on the small bench was the only way to make it through waiting for the bus in the brisk October night.  We left our bat buddy hanging at the bus shelter as a spooky surprise for a bleary eyed homeless person to find when they curled up on the bench for a rest.
     Finally the last bus, windows foggy with the breath of many a last call's beer, came to transport our sweet starry-eyed selves back across the water to our warm nests.  As much as I despise cold, I do love Autumn and the beautiful colours, warm hearths, and sleepy days it brings.

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