Friday, 11 November 2011


     Life is full of unexpected things.  Sometimes we try to predict them, sometimes we really hope our gut feeling is wrong.  Sometimes you really can't tell what's going to happen and the only way to find out is to make your choice and see how it plays out.
     It is that time of year where people seem to pair up.  Cold weather triggers a need in mammals to find something else cozy and settle down for winter.
     I have been having trouble falling directly to sleep, be it from academic stress or excitement or any number of things.  More and more often, I have been noticing the sound of train whistles every night from 10:45PM till after midnight.  I think trains are one of the most romantic things, like...ever, aside from correspondence via mail.  Hearing the sound of trains fade off in the distance only to be replaced by the whistle of the next, usually lulls me to sleep.
     Some nights, I worm my head out of the corner of my bed, wrap myself in quilts and rest my chin on the window ledge just above my bed.  I can look out into the night, however my window is always dewy with condensation and exceedingly cold so I never stay up long after that.
How can something so romantic sound so lonely?

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