Tuesday, 28 February 2012

All Romantical n' Shit

     In my midterm procrastination, I stumbled upon this gem of writing.  When I was a silly high school girl of 17 and dying to be single, I made a list of qualities my perfect man will have.
     First off, lols at enjoying physical activity.  He can be as sedentary as he damn well pleases, but has to maintain that "svelt" physique. 
     Glasses are not an option, they are a requirement, he must understand what it's like to be blind.
     Obviously the most important feature on this list is "Party Tricks", still waiting on that loft apartment though.  Best part about this list is that it's still mostly true...mostly.  At least I knew exactly what I wanted, even in high school.
     I've read in girly magazines that we shouldn't have set expectations and lots of "must haves"; honestly, if only you all knew how picky I am about food, it is a miracle that this list isn't a filing cabinet.   These are simply guidelines. 
     The best surprises of all bring irrepressible joy, like a little fire that grows at unexpected times and makes you smile when you least expect it.

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