Thursday, 15 March 2012

Super Anal Stretching

Dear readers,

     I have a real post ready when I get home from school, but I needed to share with you now a selection of my favourite searches that have brought you to my blog.
    This was as of last night.  I mean, Rats on Vinny Gorgeous also begs a few questions, but I am seriously afraid to click the link to see what came up from the anal stretching search.
     Fuck Beast Friend, my thoughts exactly.   The internet really scares me sometimes, but my god, it is a wonderful way to waste time.  I forgot how much I love Engrish, that website is pure gold!

Anyway, as long as people of the internest keep searching Pauly D drawings, gigantoraptor, and my personal favourite: University Gang Bang 6, this blog will live on in the hearts of weirdos across the globe.

Two more hours to kill before Abnormal Psychology, must watch as many episodes of Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch (pretty much Sailor Moon but with mermaids and they do karaoke to fight sea demons: BEST SHOW EVER!) as humanly possible in my shame corner. 

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