Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Gentle Readers,

    I came to the sad realization that I missed Thing of Stuff's 1 year anniversary!  However, that being said, I've been happy, making money, and enjoying time in a healthy relationship so I'm not too upset.  Last night, I made dino sprinkle cupcakes just for fun, luring Tim to come over with the prospect of helping me.  He got to learn what I'm like in the kitchen.

Anyone that's baked with me before (very, very few people) know that I get into OCD beast mode and have to do everything myself.  He came at the right time because only icing and decorating was left and it's much easier to share knives than an electric beater. 
     As you have probably figured out, things have been very domestic lately.  I would never lie to the anonymous internet, I've been watching a lot of anime and reading...books.  You can take the nerd out of school, but shiiiiiiiiiiiet, I forgot how delicious reading is.  14 year old boy adventure novels are way too addicting.  Also, I may have started reading a certain book series turned major HBO series but I'm only past the title book's prologue so I'll wait to join the fantasy masses and blog about it.
(Paint skilllllz, there was no way I was going to draw the throne with all those blades and hilts)   
     Also, with consideration to catching up on things that sound like things I'd like but have never bothered to check out: Invader Zim.  Last night, my boyfriend flipped out that I had never seen it.  Yes, I developed this affectation of quirkiness without witnessing even 5 minutes of semi-spastic, detailed humor.  Needless to say, I was hooked after the first few minutes. 
 I think I can see where I fit in.
     It's funny, I have about 4 unfinished posts and even some inked doodles good to go, but I just need to get my butt in gear.  Happy 1 year, and thanks for lurking!

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