Saturday, 28 April 2012

I am a Fashion

     Welp, it's all over now.  All the crazy, stressful, amazing things last week have come to a close.  The only reminder is my shocking pink hair.  It's most definitely strange having everyone looking at me because it's 3 different shades of pink, 2 shades of purple, and my face is framed with an amethystine shadow.  Of course, I'm still rockin' the asymmetry though.  Celebrity hair, as my brother is calling it, is a huge time commitment but the whole legit fashion photo shoot experience was dreamy.  Not gonna lie, I feel like Nicki Minaj or something every time I leave my house now.
      Granted, I feel so exquisitely out of place in the Valley.  In an area seething with long haired high school girls and G'ed up skater hoodrats, this semi-permanent high fashion statement is kind of hard to cover up.  Oh well, you only live once.  My advice to any other amateur hair models out there, if you allow them to do what ever the hell they want, you must have the confidence to rock what they give you. 
     The best part about having short hair is that you can't see it around your face.  I am continually shocked when I look in mirrors, especially all the times I've gone hard in the paint Sunday onward.  Staggering to the ladies' room and being greeted by Strawberry Shortcake's avant-garde emo hipster cousin in the mirror is certainly novel!
     Despite the occasional bout of slight self-consciousness, posing to M83's Midnight City and getting more make-up poofed on my face under the bright lights will be a story to tell the grand-babies for sure. 
     I start working again tomorrow, so it's back to buisness and anecdotes and such!  Happy summer to my fellow university-goers!

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