Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday the 13th

I don't totally believe in superstition, but it's only 1:30 and shit's been fucked pretty hard already.
     My English final was this morning at 8:30, of course before I went into the exam I had a pee break so I wouldn't have to be uncomfortable while writing.  I now know why my handicapped washroom had two locks, halfway through my hover-pee, the door bust open and some blonde chick started screaming.  I yelled,"OH MY GOD!" and ran to close the door, clam out like a baus.
     Needless to say, it was not how I'd hoped to start my morning.  At least my english final felt really good.  Yes, it was mostly bullshit, but at least it's done.
     Then I got to my last bus exchange, but I saw a familiar profile of my demon-ex, so I nonchalantly checked the bus schedule, read that a 20 minute wait was in order, so I just kept walking.  I walked through some back alleys, then through the first park (Seylynn/Bridgeman), then over the bridge, then a block farther over and all the way up this Brooksbank trail then I was beside the highway, so I went down a hyena path death-ravine and up and down and up again until I came out at Lieutet.  I was only two blocks away from my boyfriend's house, but wearing black tights, a mini skirt, leather Steve Madden fashion combat boots, a three-quarter length sleeve tee, and a pink and gray flannel in the pelting sun kind of made me sweat off a dress size.  For the good of the relationship, I walked to Grand Boulevard to take a safe bus.
    Not wanting to wait another god damn twenty minutes, I continued walking.  Once I could see the mall, there was no point not finishing the job.  I braved hordes of high schoolers and elementary school children on lunch to eventually get home as of 15 minutes ago.
     All this to possibly avoid a panic attack.

MERRY FRIDAY THE 13th, may your day be more felicitous than mine.

Update: Legit lost 2 pounds of water weight from that walk.  

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