Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Berst of Terms

In the words of Berks, "It wers the berst of terms, it wers the werst of terms".  Indeed, my Gerseberms-loving friend, it truly is.
     After a few very disappointing weekends, this just passed, especially Friday, filled me with such happiness.  First off, my avant-garde  style caught the eye of a stylist in need of a model for a hair styling competition!  I firmly believe that ANYONE can model with enough make up and directed posing.  Soon, I will be living proof.  Also I will most likely have bizarrely coloured hair, fingers crossed for super light cotton candy pink or mauve!
     Friday night was full of weird coincidences, friends from the past and present, and basically 3 very different events in one night.  The evening began at 6:20 and ended at 3 for me and I regret nothing.  Not even holding my best friend up while he peed in a very public area.
     Even my love life is super cuuuuuteeee. Optimus Prime can transform into cake pans now, so he gets to congratulate Tim on a very recent achievement as soon as the kitchen is clean (who needs to write final essays that are worth 45% of the total course grade in advance?).  The only thing really wrong right now is having to think about final exams.  I am way too excited about this hair modelling venture and the impending freedom of summer to  have to worry about things.  Even with 4 months of summer ahead of us, September waits ominously just in my peripherals; we may get into why depending on how distraught I get as plans formulate.
     For now, let us all enjoy the longer days, exciting nights, and the irrepressible rebirth that sprouts up from Spring. 

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