Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ring in the New Year

And so school began,

and so I quickly contracted a sinus infection.

     Public transportation owes me at least a month of my life back from being debilitated by illness.  I even passed up boxing this morning in hopes of not making my ailment worse.  Granted, as soon as I felt a tickle in the back of my throat, I should have known. 
     Last night, we celebrated my best friend's girl friend's birthday.  The night started out well, but Tim and I left in search of cheaper liquor and we were denied re-entry without paying cover (we were harsh duped by the earlier shift of bouncers).  While we sipped our Jack and colas behind a truck container, my congestion got worse and worse; however, I was enjoying buzzed chatting with my fine male companion so I tried to ignore it.  It wasn't a very well crafted ruse.
     Busing home was by far the worst part of the night.  Trying with all my might to ignore the river of salinated sebum waiting to run just inside my face, I somehow managed to get home without him seeing my dolled up face deteriorate right before a bus full of stranger's eyes.
     I just looked dranked and droopy for a time, but I couldn't fight it anymore.
     It was shoes off, straight running time when I got far away from any traces of intelligent, judgmental life.  I may have also peed at my neighbours'  fence, but that's not the first time.  Sadly, the night was far from over.  Despite taking copious amounts of night time sinus meds and some Dimetapp a few hours later, sleep did not come easily due to all the post-nasal drip a sinus infection entails.  Only my left nostril was leaking like an old faucet, so I turned to a trusty method of flow control.

Thankfully, I have yet to have the T.P. get stuck in my nose while sleeping, I pray tonight I don't wake up dead. 

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