Saturday, 14 February 2015

Targaryen Terrarium


Here is the terrarium I made for my boy for Valentine's day.  I call it...the Targaryen Terrarium, because nobody has dragon swag like that house.
I started with this...charming... premade arrangement:
I really loved the forked twigs with the air plant curling around the wood.  I especially wanted to make use of the twigs for flying dragon purposes.  These are the dragons before their mystical magical sparkle-ifying. 

Add the glitter nail polish and you get:

The premade came with this foamy flower thing, it reminded me of dragon scales.
Naturally I had to put nail polish on everything.  This little pod seed cone thing reminded me of an armoured shell.  I fit a small Hawaiian air plant inside like some sort of Metal Slug creature.
This is the habitat without dragons.
Fire and Blood.

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