Friday, 13 February 2015


Hey internet,

I recently got addicted to making terrariums.  I have been craving some natural greenery in my life, and had  a vision for a unicorn wonderland.  Lo an behold, Unicornicopia!

It started out as a $19.99 premade arrangement from Garden Works.

I bought a pack of tiny mythical creatures (unicorns and dragons, duh!) from Michaels and made a few adjustments by ways of gold and iridescent nail polish. Photos do the sparkles no justice, NO JUSTICE, I say!
I also embellished the twigs with dew drops...aka tiny crystals.
A day or two after putting it all together, I realized it was missing one thing...a crystal point of course!
When in doubt, always add a crystal point.

Love, light, and unicorns.
Good bye paycheques.

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