Monday, 12 October 2015

Never Stop Learning

So I graduated from university on Thursday!  Hoorah!  I am still perpetually busy, but I am taking a drawing and design basics class to learn some art skillz.  I am hoping to challenge myself to illustrate a post a week and do many fashion sketches over the Fall season and beyond.  Anyway, in the meantime, here's some food for thought:

I have always been unbearably uncomfortable with mascots.  Tonight I saw a video on Facebook of a sport mascot absolutely slaying the gesticulation game.  I can appreciate the art of movement and gesture that some professionals have mastered.  Even their costume design is done to evoke jaunty responsive movement to maximize visual communication.  There is art in it.

After watching the video above, I got to thinking about the experience and training necessary to use movement so efficiently to communicate to enormous stadium crowds.  In my curiosity, I found Hogtown Mascots.  Please read this page if you want to read some wonderfully worded tactful suggestions.

Anyway, I have gained a lot of respect for professional mascots today.  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone, ours is in conjunction with Anglo/Germanic harvest festivals of olde, among other large areas of uncertainty such as rebellions between Upper and Lower Canada and such,  and not the squashing of indigenous cultures so there's that.  And a lot of turkey, of course.

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