Saturday, 30 July 2011


     Hello gentle readers, I made a safe return from my island paradise yesterday.  School settled down, thank the sweet babby jeebus.  I only got one out of four classes I originally intended to take, and no legit art courses are in the future for me, so we get to go on enjoying my archaic techniques and doodles for another semester. 
     It was really nice to get away for a few days.  The weather did not cooperate as much as I had hoped but I still managed to put on a decent tan.  It was a pretty uneventful trip, just the usual fun stuff and traditions; I love how old friends and routines never really change there.  One significant change was that only my mum and I went for this round of cabin times.  We even managed to take so few items, we were able to take our small car, not our huge shark of an SUV thing, pack to the gunnels. 
     The trip over was definitely the most rocky part of our journey.  I worked all day and was scrambling around at the last minute to get the rest of my crud together to go.  In my haste, I forgot all my eye-wear and accessories.  No sunglasses, not too bad; no glasses, very inconvenient; no contact lens solution, not too bad, I can get those anywhere, except for the fact that all stores would be closed by the time we got off the boat and I had no contact lens cases either.  After eight hours in a dusty, air conditioned craft store, my eyes were not behaving themselves.
     For my fellow visually inhibited friends, I'm sure you know the sensation of blinking and having your contacts make an appealing squishy squeak.
      Thankfully, our ferry docked at 8 minutes to 9PM.  We booked it like Thelma and Louise running from an angry mob of police and jilted lovers to the grocery store directly across from the ferry terminal.  By the time we arrived, the employees were shuffling the stragglers out.  Not me.  I ran in there like a mad woman, flailing my arms and shrieking. 
     After accosting a sales associate, I got my prize and spotted a sunglasses display.  Multiple birds killed with one stone?  I think so.
     After I could relax because my eyes were not shrivelling up, I cranked my favourite ocean and majestic nature adventure playlist.  Just as our ferry docked on our special little island, one of my all time favourite whimsical nature magic songs came on: Huge Tree in the Tsukamori Forest by Joe Hisaishi from one of my all time fave movies, My Neighbour Totoro.
      I love how quiet it is at night.  Just the sound of the osculating fan and the ocean is the stuff my dreams are made of. I always feel so much more calm and recharged after spending time near the ocean.  Call me crazy, but the magnetic pull between the moon, the earth, and the tides changes my soul for the better.  I would be the happiest girl in the world if my Barbie Dream House was on the beach, and also had a hot tub, but that is negotiable.
     The $14.99 purple grocery store sunglasses were such a good find.

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