Monday, 29 October 2012

Boob Physics

     I know, I know, I keep procrastinating.  I have another modelling gig coming up so I'm working out all the time and have been watching another anime so my free time keeps disappearing (also it's Halloweekend so what else do you expect from me?).  The transition from fall to winter is beginning round these parts so I find myself falling asleep at strange times and screwing myself over productivity-wise.
     Anyway, this anime I'm watching reminded me of something worth pondering, in what universe do ladies have tiny frames and HUGE boobs?  We could go into great depths at the unrealistic standards portrayed in anime, but who really gives a fuck.  It's the physics of boobs in anime that gets me.  The semi-overt movement of breasts during mundane tasks does liven up the show, but as a lady with lady parts, I certainly don't see them in that extent of constant movement.
     Some days, I swear, the gravity of boobs changes.  Different undergarments have different effects too, but there is something else.  Boobies, such an enigma.

I'll be straight with you guys, I'm not sure what I can accomplish over the next few weeks.  Hopefully I can get some drawing done soon, it really is leaving a void in my life without it, but I know this is just a temporary state and I hope to be quirking the internest up again soon....sooooooooon.

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