Monday, 18 February 2013

Just Saying Hi

I know I've been really (REALLY) light on the doodles lately, but I had to share this new word with y'all: Sluttoo.

I flippin' love VICE; their docs, their fun pictures (especially Do's and Dont's) and their lighthearted approach to informing readers on really strange and heavy issues gets me hot for global current events.

So, if you have ever considered getting a Hello Kitty tattoo on your elbow, bows on your pointer fingers, some Chinese characters you can't read, fairies, dolphins, or a hibiscus chest piece please reconsider.  The whole world will judge you.  By all means, get tattoos that mean something to you and don't look like a drunk 14 year old stabbed your weathered skin with a safety pin repeatedly.  Tattoos can be really neat if executed properly, but I have a hard time finding enthusiams for the onslaught of youth with music notes behind their ears or song lyrics or Marilyn Monroe quotes on their rib cages. 

Crone Life. (if it fit on my knuckles, I'd have it tattooed already)

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