Friday, 26 April 2013

3rd year, Check Please!


     I am a liberated woman, granted I still work at a cruddy retail job a trained monkey could do, but other than that I'M FREEE!  I even have done a few crafts over these first few days of commitment free living.

Here's a taste of what I've been up to in my "spare" time.  It's a side of me most of you have never ever seen: the real girl.
Just kidding!  The lines really hide my identity, don't they?  But hopefully y'all can understand that between this (hours upon hours of prep for 6 minutes of stage time) on top of mountains of university work, that things have been a little too hectic to indulge in relaxing hobbies.

The time has finally come to hone in on drawing and take the vice grip off whatever cells produce cortisol, cause the stress was legit tearing me apart!  So I can stop doing terrible, terrible things in Paint....well, I can't make any promises on that one...

Even though it's only April, Summer has officially started.

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