Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Here we go Again

Hey guys,

I no longer have time to bathe but I made time for this, so if you've chosen to drop in, thanks!
As you may have noticed I never post anymore and it is because I have let my life spiral out of control with business.  Who would've known 400 level courses would be a shit-tonne of work?  Oh well, this is the price of finishing a degree in an inflated economy.  YAY GROWN UP!

In one of my minuscule study breaks I was looking at an article about those middle American bakeries that denied making wedding cakes for same-sex couples and then cried about it after their businesses got boycotted.  #bigotsgonnabogot

I found this gem in the comments section:
I believe in happiness and unity and unicorns and corn and being kind to everyone even stupid jerks no matter what they believe.  It was nice to see that the comments were light-hearted and not a huge religious mess debate.  That's pretty uncommon on these contentious topics, especially Ariana Grande's high pony tail and how basic liking Pumpkin Spice Lattes is.

Thanks for reading <3

I'll be sending you faceless masses my love if you send me some luck surviving the semester from hell.  If I survive I get to go to a grad school where I get studio time in a REAL LIFE ART STUDIO so maybe I can get in touch with my creative side again...god I miss her.

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