Sunday, 14 August 2011


     On Wednesday, Caitlin and I went to see our very first 19+ show because we are responsible grown-ups now and can do these things.  We had the privilege of seeing Beirut at the fabulous Commodore Ballroom.  it was a killer show, well worth the years of waiting for them to come to Canada.  Before we qued up in the ticket holders' line, we poked around for a bit, bought some clothes, what evs, the usual; except for the camera crew and vaguely familiar, very short group of guys on the street corner talking to random passers by.
     After running away from the Asian guy with a clip board accosting us to "COME JOIN US", we headed for the line up.  After an antsy wait, we finally got inside the venue we've been dreaming of since childhood.  The interior of the Commodore looks like something out of The Mask, and not the scary one with Cher and her deformed son.

     After giving our hard earned money to the barkeep, we settled onto extremely tall bar stools and surveyed the building for architectural details and other such refined things.  I have never seen so many hipsters in one place.  It was a little horrifying.  
     I spotted something worth investigating. 
     However, I was quickly thrown into INDIGNANT CARI MODE, signature eye twitching, partially audible swearing under my breath, various limb tensing and flailing and all.
     Don't get me wrong, I'm all for finding inner beauty, acceptance, and all that crap, but seriously?  Yes, I can admit I am in spinster mode.  Spinster mode, for those who are unaware of this fantastic state of mind, is when a girl behaves like the middle aged aunt that never got married and works in a job she hates and her 26 year old niece just got married and she beats rugs with a broom  in her front yard whilst thinking about her high school boyfriend that stood her up on Valentine's day and she curses loud enough for the neighbours to hear and everyone fears her unpredictable wrath fuelled by a hatred of other people's romance. Anyway, I just find this enigma so perplexing is all. 
     After a good fume, and an expensive but excellent margarita, I was able to continue with the festivities.  

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