Monday, 8 August 2011

Ya Dig?

     A few weeks ago, I watched all four seasons of The Wild Thornberrys and The Wild Thornberrys Movie in less than a week.  I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed, but I feel no remorse.  Of course, as anyone who watched this fantastic Nickelodeon cartoon would know, Nigel Thornberry is the best part of the show.  He was voiced by Tim Curry, and it is simply outrageous.  The writers must have sat around thinking about ways to make a show focused on a girl who can talk to animals with her magical powers EVEN BETTER.  "I know", said writer #3, "let's get Tim Curry to make the most hilarious noises and say stereotypical British saying while doing so".  Bless that person.
     So, some of you may have been turned on to the Feat. Nigel Thornberry meme, and know the wondrous additions he made to many of today's hit songs.  That meme may be dead, but it lives on forever in my heart and on my Ipod.  I have a habit of playing feat. Nigel's for my pals at totally unexpected moments.  Sadly, far more of my peers were not as devout watchers as I was as a child. 
     Speaking of watching eerie amounts of children's television, I somehow ended up watching  five hours of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Friday.
    Haters, it's by the same people that spawned Powerpuff Girls, so shut your face holes, it's awesome.  Some of my friends were aghast that I watched so much of one kid's show in one sitting, but I have an abundance of pillows now because I got rid of my couch, so I decided to make a pillow nest beneath my window.  Having a grounded sitting nook is wonderfully comfortable, safe, and peaceful.  It is perfect for extended viewing sessions.
     I love watching a series from the pilot to the very end.  I have a killer attention span and I don't waste time with shows not worth watching.  Hasbro knows their shit.  They gave us Transformers(the sick 80's cartoon, not Michael Bay's version consisting of a pubescent boy's wet dream), My Little Pony, and Pound Puppies.  Slipped that one in there...oh yes.  Anyway, I'm a sucker for nostalgia.  Cartoons, toys, and dressing them up is my main motivation to procreate.   
     Fun Fact: as of today, I have been single for only 7 months of my entire adult life (adult life consists of grade 10 till present, because kids start to slightly resemble functioning members of human society round that age).  It's funny, even if I was attached, I'd still be doing all the same things, like watching hours of children's programming and knitting till my fingers bleed.  Also I don't have an account on the My Little Pony website.  Who does that?  But seriously guys, does anyone know how many points you have to get before you earn your first Cutie mark?

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