Thursday, 22 September 2011


     Tuesday was a horrible day, just awful.  Sometimes I am so thoroughly disgusted by people.  After a hideous day, I did not think it was necessary for the universe to get a man with a long pony tail to sit infront of me on the bus.  Yes, I don't like man pony tails, but if they don't smell like old cigarettes and cat litter, we can co-exist just fine.  What is usually an eight minute bus ride took an eternity as we stopped and jerked along in traffic over the bridge.  With each puff of air though the open window, I would get a shock of gag reflex inducing hair stink in my face which would linger in the suddenly stagnant air and taunt me with the fresh air of the bus exchange within my view.
      I thought I was done with aggravation when I stepped foot onto my last bus on the journey home.  NOPE.  A man, who was already seated, got up halfway through the bus ride to come sit and talk with me even though I had headphones on and was intently studying for a test the next morning.  How nice of him.  Distracted by the flurry of disgruntled texts I was compelled to send to my besties after his departure from the vehicle, I missed my stop.
     It was for the best though, trudging down the hill in my fashionable combat-style boots helped alleviate some of my anger before I went on an impending murderous rampage.
      It's not often I'm monster pissed.
     Over the past couple days I've cooled down, but I still don't understand why being polite has to put nice people in uncomfortable situations.  Being socially awkward is supposed to repel people, not attract men like a tight dress and no bra.
     Usually trying on my fancy dresses really cheers me up, especially because my cousin's wedding is coming up and I get to wear my gorgeous brocade dress from the 40's.  It helped for sure, because it looks fly, and not much is better than eating candy and looking really fly.  Sadly, my marshmallow strawberries were not as sweet as they normally are; I blame my cold, but my distaste for a current situation is most likely the culprit for this dissatisfaction. 
     At least we found a rat in our back yard! It was so small and cute...for a rat.
Oh yeah, it's dead btdubs.  Surprise! Can't unsee that!  You're welcome internest.

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