Saturday, 3 September 2011

BeerBot 3000

     What a week, holy mother!  Nothing like mid-week camping to throw you off the rhythm of normal, sober life right before school.  I feel no remorse.  Camping was fantastic.  Being the champ that I am, I was so excited to go for an adventure; I packed my bags, I had all my bedding set out, and I had laid my travel outfit out for a quick and painless getaway.  In my unbridled frenzy of anticipation, I brought all my bags downstairs to the door to load and go.  At least I thought I did.  About 2 hours later, I had 3 voicemails from my parents and numerous more missed calls from home because I forgot my clothing bag.
      I camped for three days, two nights in an adorable floral dress, one pair of spandex shorts, and a black cardigan.  At least I looked thuper ca-uuuuuute.
     Thankfully, my darling friends stepped to my rescue and offered me an abundance of clothes.  The pair of plaid jammies was helpful as both bug proofing and a warmth layer.  Come the second day, I had given up on keeping up appearances and it became apparent when I emerged from our tent in PJ legs and a tank top. 
     The best part was that a few hours later, one of my friends informed me that my pants were on backwards.
     I forgot all about my backwards pants and left them like that well into the third day.  Maybe I was more lenient with my appearance because yes, the bottles were being popped on the ice, and we were very much getting slizzered.  We played many rousing rounds of Rats, strip Jenga, and of course, beer pong.  Our neighbours were fun too.  On the first day, we collected all our cardboard packaging from our inkihaul and Reilly created BeerBot 3000: Destroyer of Memories. 
     A grand time was had by all.  An impromptu swim, 5 kilograms of bacon, and a few run in's with giant crane flies later, the trip had reached a close.  It was a classy outing, but after a surprise torrential downpour, something was missing from this fab vaycay.
     All my life I've yearned to visit Castle Fun Park.  We did.  We went on the Go Karts, we hit up the fun games, we rocked the Jurassic Park shooting raptors of death game, oh, and DDR obviously.  I was in heaven.  If we get a Dave and Buster's in Vancouver, I'm going to live there.  I love my friends.

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