Friday, 16 September 2011

Sick Day

     Have you ever been so irrepressibly happy you can't believe this is your life?  Well, I am: right now.  School is falling into place, new and relevant volunteering opportunities have presented themselves to me(including ones with experimental rodents!), and we have come to a clear conclusion that we are confused in a kind of ok way.  Most importantly of all, I'm sleeping again!
     Today turned into an impromptu sick day, but the sick, rad, dope kind of sick.  Also the sneezing kind.  So much sneezing.  Fun fact: earl grey tea mixed with ginger ale is the best sore throat remedy drink ever.  You get the caffeine of tea and sweetness of ginger drank.
     Being sick as a germaphobe is kind of like what I imagine cheating on an unattractive, ill tempered, neglecting spouse with a bronze god cabana boy is like.  Spreading infectious disease is kind of liberating.  Knowing that my hands, usually far too frequently rubbed down with sanitizer, are the ones to grind germs all over the bus and smite those who do not employ proper hygiene gives me sick pleasure.  See what I did there...derpy word play!
    I'm the kind of person that has to do things in a very specific, organized, pre-planned way and being sick is like a wonderful vacation from adjusting the angles of books, skirts, socks, and papers.  In other words, not a single fuck is given.  
     I'm a tad worried though, we're approaching the third week of school already and my brain hasn't kicked into nerd-core mode yet.  I only just got caught up on this week's reading and that's not like me.  I tell ya, since I nearly killed myself studying for exams with mono in the spring, my motivation is not what it used to be.  Or it could be attributed to the binge drinking...
     Today, I had the opportunity to spend the entire day leisurely reading textbooks and chilling, but instead I watched an epic animated version of the literary classic "Dante's Inferno" and C.H.U.D.s; it was totally worth it though.  I also was knitting, that's productive to some degree.
     Last night, I watched Anastasia.  Ho mang, I luuurve that movie.  It makes me yearn for something really fantastic to happen in my life.  Yes, I know I was just gushing over how happy I am now, but I am thinking of a real change of scenery.  Damn this life of being a broke ass student.  I want to be together in Paris with the dowager Romanov and buy Chanel gowns.  Or just have an adventure, anywhere outside of my homeland.

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